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Peter Verhezen is the Principal of Verhezen & Associates Ltd. The company advises boards and management on (1) risk management and strategy, (2) corporate governance and responsible leadership, and (3) investment in [SouthEast] Asia.

Peter has advised a number of companies’ boards in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond: IndoFood, Rajawali Investment Group, Garuda Airlines, Indonesian Stock Exchange, Jamsostek, Jasindo, Bank International Indonesia, SWIFT, ANZ Bank, Bapindo-Mandiri, McKinsey and Allianz (global) to just name a few.

Since 2013, he functions as a senior consultant at International Finance Corporation of the World Bank Group in Asia-Pacific where he advises organizations and institutes on Corporate Governance.

Peter is also an Adjunct Professor at the Melbourne Business School (Australia) and a Principal Fellow at the University of Melbourne for Corporate Governance and Risk Management. Moreover, he is a Visiting Professor at one of his two Alma Maters, the University of Antwerp (Belgium), and he was an Adjunct Professor at his other Alma Mater, the Vlerick Business School (Leuven-Belgium). Till 2012, Peter has been a Fellow at the Ash Institute for Governance and Asian Studies at the Harvard Kennedy School (USA) with whom he still collaborates.

He co-founded Cimad Pacific and C-Consulting, an IBM spin-off in Singapore-Indonesia, which he ran as CEO for 15 years till it was merged with another International Consulting Company in 2007. Prior to that, he used to work as consultant for IBM-Cimad at SWIFT and as Managing Director Finance of a publicly listed company on the OTC Market in Indonesia. During the “Asian flu” (1997-2002), he renegotiated and restructured debt (USD 1.7 billion) on behalf of the Indonesian Bank Restructuring Agency (under the supervision of the Indonesian Ministry of Finance and IMF)

He studied Applied Economics & International Relations (MA) at the University of Antwerp, Management, Finance (MBA) at KULeuven (in collaboration with the Booth Business School of Chicago) and Philosophy (MA & PhD) at the University of Antwerp and the Institute of Philosophy at KULeuven.


Our Philosophy: Understanding WHY we do what we do and how to improve it;

Emphasizing the potential effectiveness and efficiency of corporate governance in organizations.

Our Purpose: Committed to have a positive impact on our daily activities by providing meaning to what we do;

Embedding this meaningful purpose in good corporate governance structures, mechanisms and processes, or to invest in well governed organizations.

Our Credo: Aiming to become responsible and accountable leaders and stewards creating shareholder value while optimizing a positive impact on the broader environment:

1) By engaging with individuals and organizations to provide a genuine meaning to their activities;

2) By committing to a more transparent and equitable socio-economic environment; and

3) By investing in a “return on character”, caring for the “stakes” of the organization, and creating “return on equity and assets”.